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Reportage on IB3 TV

Desde Cocimania queremos dar las gracias a Treball Solidari por todo su apoyo, they perform an extraordinary work, helping many people like us to make their projects come true, we hope to serve as an example for all those entrepreneurs who work tirelessly every day to take their business forward , con trabajo duro y dedicación es … Keep reading…

El vaso mágico

The Right Cup! Tricking the brain

A wonderful option for people who do not like drinking water and prefer to take other beverages, as they have become accustomed to the taste buds to all kinds of drinks such as soft drinks, juices, beer, etc. Just the usual and abuse of these drinks is partly responsible for that for many people the water resulting,es … Keep reading…

Cafetera ripple maker

Ripple Maker, Art in a cup of coffee

Have we ever seen a real artists can draw with coffee cream all types of images using tools like a stick, or in the case of a latte using the jug with thick milk foam, pouring with undulating movements over coffee creating forms and artistic drawings that give you a … Keep reading…

Moringa, el nuevo superalimento

Moringa, The Tree of Life !

From the Himalayan foothills, and flourishes even during severe droughts. In ancient Hindu writings it was already known as a medicinal plant for over 2.000 years. The early Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated the Moringa for its therapeutic properties, used to protect the skin, by high concentrations of vitamins A , … Keep reading…

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